10 November 2015

Autmn Themed Colour Codes ^o^

As we all know Autumn is here,that means out with the creepy dark colours of halloween and in with the beautiful colours of fall.To be honest where i live dosent have fall so i researched fall and to be honest i was quite impressed.So impressed that i was inspired.

Woozworld has recently released new autumn fashion,so why not complement it with colours to match the season,i bet you Mya is gonna have a star of the week soon where the outfits must be in some sort of autumn colour.

So heres my Autumn colour codes:







You can mix and match as you wish , and theres no rule to these colours,it can be hair colour,colthes,and unitz. So let your creativity run free.

Samples of some colour combinations in the game:
And remember stay fabalous.