15 November 2015

Just a Tip to Level up..

Hey guys :) Dianemiggiecel is here... And feeling awesome.. Hehe lol
Today I am going to share some tips and ways I am using to gain preztige points and to level up....
Well.. These ways are somewhat cliché... But admit it, they are effective.
So.. Let's start.
1.) Spend all your votes by voting on a unit... Not on woozens. Well... These are quite effective because based on my observation, the number of points you get by voting a unit are more than points you received when you vote on a woozen.
Are you spent your votes already but you are too close to level up??  Well, here's a (somewhat) effective tip.
2.) Roleplay, roleplay in businesses and accept votes as a payment
Well... There are many unit all over the world that is made for role playing... Like Yetibux and Restaurants... Just act like a waiter, serve other woozens with their requests and ask for votes as a payment. Woozworld is made for us to explore endless possibilities.. So why not grab the opportunity?
So have fun playing :)