19 November 2015

Woozworld and Exams.. Oh my!

Hi guys it's Dianemiggiecel Here :)

Many of us woozens study... Or at schools... Or taking our courses at school... Or just simply.. STUDYING.

as students, Exams are the most depressing days at or daily school life. Not just for the boring feeling, mind blowing test questions and Just a small time for woozworld... This kinda mess up our pretty brains but here are my two tips for getting over them.

1. Time management. Yeah... This sounds cliché but this is the key.
As an android user, I turn my phone first in safe mode. So I can avoid using third party apps (apps that downloaded) while studying... This is to avoid to use social media sites like Instagram. And woozworld also. And this help me focus. And also... Making a time table for studying is also a big help

2. (And the last) Discuss about the topics... Share what you learned...it is a good type of reviewing because this is to prove that you learned something. And according to my Computer Education teacher (probably my favorite teacher Lol) "when you discussed your topic, you are trying to make your students easily understand what you really mean... So, if you don't Understand it yourself.. You cannot share it".

And then... After you review for your exams... Reward yourself by doing whatever you like... Eating, Facebook, instagram, and of course... WOOZWORLD!!

That's all for today

~ DianeMiggiecel ~