07 November 2015

WoozWorld Fall Fashion With Fallen!

Hey guys, I am back to talk about the latest WoozWorld Fall Fashion! I am calling this whole "series" of posts WoozWorld Fall Fashion With Fallen! This will be the first post of the series. Anyways...(pause for effect) LET'S GO EAT SOME PIE! ;D

-cough- No offense pie... -tears up- but let's actually get into the post. :D
 (I am only doing the girl's outfits for now, sorry guys!)

Hair: I love how the hair is one of the few short hairs! It almost looks like the JennySwift bob which I adore! Score: 7/10
Top/Dress: I think that if they just put the cute rain cloud top without the varsity-type jacket, it would look better. Also, the idea that it is a dress I am not really digging. I think that if it were just the t-shirt by itself, it would be so cute with WNS Pop Shorts or even Spar Jeans! Score: 5/10
Pants/Skirt: I really love how simple and cute the skirt is! It could go with almost any t-shirt and crop top! Score: 7/10
Shoes: These sneakers with the socks are to die for! They almost look like the Manga Sneakers with socks! I love the detailing of the stripes at the top of the socks. Score: 8/10

Overall Score: 27/40

Hair: I honestly don't know about this hair. I think that it looks a little bit like the Juliet hair that came out a long time ago. Overall, I like how it is preppy and fierce at the same time! Score: 6/10
Top/Dress: This sweater is super chic! I love the detailing on the sleeves. Though, I would say that I would like something more on this sweater. Score: 7/10
Pants/Skirt: Again, even though these jeans are fabulous, they pretty much look the same as the Slim Jeans WoozWorld has in Shopz. Score: 4/10
Shoes: These super cute flats/worker boots/sneakers totally scream fall! Good job WoozWorld on these! Score: 8/10

Overall Score: 25/40

That's it for the first post of WoozWorld Fall Fashion With Fallen, see you next time!

FallenInWonder XX