10 November 2015

[POV Tuesday] Woozworld had Introduced SHIP OF THE WEEK!

OK guys... When I logged in to woozworld... I stumbled upon the wooznews and I saw there the SHIP OF THE WEEK column... And I was just like...


yeah... Back to the topic... I am really happy for this column because it made woozworld not that boring for teenagers to play... And socialize. Woozworld really listens to their woozen's suggestions aren't they??

And one thing I noticed... Is a one requirement for being featured in the said column... "You must attend most of woozworld events" ohhh... I analyzed that wzw made this column to encourage more woozens to attend their events.. Good job woozworld.

But there is a problem...

This game is open to kids and teens... What if wzw influences the mindset of kids when it comes to relationship... What if their mindset will become like

"omg!! Ship of the week was cool... Having a relationship is cool... I will search for one :p "

Kid's minds are not that mature as teens was... Kids are careless on their decisions... Unlike teens.. They already know  what is right and what is wrong.... That is the bad part... Maybe these decisions can lead them into worst.

My suggestion is... This game must focus not only for the teen players but for the kids also...

That's all for my POV Tuesday

~ Dianemiggiecel ~