21 November 2015

Wooz Muse Vol. 1

Hey readers, it's time for....
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Which photo editing website or app do you reccomend for photo editing of woozworld? - Ana 
Well, if you are a beginner to editing, Pizap and Picmonkey are really good editing tools to use, and their online! So you don't have to download anything. Once you feel like you're more advanced, I would suggest you use GIMP which is like a free version of Photoshop. There also a lot of tutorials onlinr about them, and Woozworld tutorials too. If you want to edit for fashion designing, I suggest you check this awesome blog by stella123sl for some fashion templates!
-The Wooz Muse

My girlfriend and i have been further apart and I think shes cheating. When i follow her all i see is a boys profile pic and there was two boys and one girl last time.Should we break up or confront her?? - Superstar

Well, Superstar, I think you should do both. She thinks you're cheating, but us girls blame the boys when we cheat. You see these boys because these are her other "baes". I'm telling you now. Put your foot down and set the rules. If you want to be with her you have to trust her. On the other hand, this girl may be bisexual, if she has another side. She is a player. But, those might be her friends. By everything you are telling me, she doesn't need you. I know you might not want to hear this, but if she is doing all of this. Superstar, no one deserves what she is doing. You might as well call her out in a big unitz, say her name, and the rest names. Boy you have to get out of her control, before she brain washes you.
- The WoozMuse
 I feel like Glitz7' other account is her "boyfriend" Moonlight. They don't talk much and when they do, they do it one after the other. '.' So, is Glitz7' other acc, Moonlight? -Nini
   This is an odd question. To be honest, I don't think so. When Agent Blue broke up with her, She was single for months. I truly don't think Glitz is that desperate for a boyfriend. And Moonlight has been playing for 2 months. So I don't think she planned this for two months now. Anyway if this is her, she is desperate, it is on her. So when she gets called out on it, you're correct. But, I highly think that you will find out in some weeks because usually they get fed up with drama. I'm sorta thinking right now she is, bc they were dating at 11/18 and today is 11/21. 21-18=3. They have been dating for 3 days and engaged. THEY HAVE BEEN DATING FOR 3 DAYS?!? Right now I think this is her. Because who gets married in 3 days. He doesn't talk to her when he is next to her. This guy is like a zombie. But, when she leaves she talk.  I say my answer is 30% no, and 70% yes. 
-The Wooz Muse

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