12 November 2015

[Sharing Wednesday] woozworld editing is no Joke

Maybe you are fascinated of those woozworld edits you see throughout the net world... They are cool.. Really cool.

I am also editing woozworld pictures... And I upload them to my Instagram account [@Dmcwoozy]. Many instawoozens like my edits...many of my followers say that my editing skills are good... And it was a big thing to me because It is a big process doing an edit...

Firstly.. You need to decide what to edit and how to edit... Without them, you cannot go into the succeeding processes. You cannot build a house without a plan.

Second is choose your pictures to edit... It is necessary.

Third one is to start editing...but first, identify by what software you will edit... It will help you by mastering the software and it's components... That is to make your picture full- packed

Last one is to polish your work... Honestly, this is the most difficult processes for me... Why?? Because I need to be meticulous in this part... You need to see every details in your edit... To avoid regression.

Editing is quite a tiring one... But sometimes I asked myself why I don't quit...

It's because it is my passion.. As said in the cliché, "when you love what you do... You won't feel tired doing it."..

Hope you learned something to my Sharing Wednesday :)

~ Dianemiggiecel ~