14 November 2015

Camp Harmony .....Bullying O.O

So camp harmony,recently ended its Saturday session , it was exciting and fun as usual,but it was mixed with a bad taste of discord.Yes i had to make a my little pony reference....

Apparently bullies have made their way on camp harmony as campers were assaulted with mean comments on what they wear,and who they don't think are suitable to be team leaders.

This was then delt with forth right by Headmistress Kelia.
Everyone recieved a warning,but of course....after the second class,more reports of bullying had appeared.Everyone was shocked.
We taught camp would close down,but kelia averted from that.She made us take a bully pledge.


I, a camper of camp harmony,
Promise to stop bullying,even though it is not avoidable.
And i will do everything i can to stop it.

To me bullying is just showing how jealous a person is of you,so if you are being bullied,you got yourself  a jealous monster who wishes they were you.Try not to feal sad,laugh at their efforts,and it will hurt them instead ;3 . At least that's what i do,or does that count as bullying too ?

Stay fabaous,