23 November 2015

Funny Statuses: Part 2

It's me again! I decided to write this post because after looking at all the blog stats, Funny Statuses is the most viewed post on the whole blog, and has the most comments! Since the old ones are kind of over used now, here's Funny Statuses Part 2!

  1. Mom always said not to write on walls, but on Woozworld you can!
  2. I mustache you a question, but instead I'll shave it for later.
  3. I'd kill the sexiest person alive, but that would be suicide.
  4. (Whatever your name is) has not yet written a status yet because he/she is too busy being awesome.
  5. Have you noticed that he lol sign looks like a guy drowning? I bet he's not laughing out loud!
  6. Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but your body rejected it and you died. (post credits to riksana)
  7. I WON THE LOTTERY IM QUITTING WO- sorry just practicing
  8. Tetris taught me that trying to fit in makes you disappear
  9. How come "you're a peach" is a compliment but "you're a banana" is an insult? Fruit injustice!
  10. Sometimes I feel like a semi colon. I don't know where I belong.
  11. No man is worth waiting for... except for the pizza delivery guy
  12. "Username or Password Incorrect" You couldn't just tell me which one?
  13. I look forward to the day when people will only know Cancer as a Zodiac sign