01 November 2015

Reviewing Designs

Hi guys!
It's Misti! Today I will be showing you some (extremely epic) designs! Let's take a gander!
So today I have found the rest of kittsay's designs, you most likely have seen the one on the right. (it was put in store)
But also you can observe Eostre and Chloris! They are both faboo. My favourite is Eostre. Great job kittsay! Now it's time for FASHION REVIEWINGG WOO.

Hair~ K this is just perf. I love the glasses and the hair is just amaze. That is all. 10/10
Top~ I wuv the maroon color. Although, I would change it so the pattern is on the sweater and the shirt is plain. 8/10
Shorts~ Super cute! Love how the belt pulls the shoes and the rest of the outfit together. Less original, but because shorts are super hard to design it is still... 9/10
Shoes~ Super adorbs, I love the platform. Nuff said. 9/10 (because could use some embellishments)

Hair~ Okay, this is really pretty, I love the length and the wave. Needs a little jazz, maybe a small braid? 8/10
Top~ Favourite piece! I love the floral, and the white stripes are a gorgeous addition! 10/10
Skirt~ Super cute, but I would make less buttons and bigger buttons if I did it :P 9/10
Shoes~ PERF except for one flaw in the design... There's nothing attaching the ankle straps to the shoe?! 8/10

Tell me YOUR review of Antheia in the comments! Looking forward to seeing them x3

In other news, I am starting a YT channel, check me out at Misti WzW! :)
Speaking of fall, I have a new sign off pic! :D

 Happy fashion reviewing!