13 November 2015

Excited for the WNTM 2!! are you ready?

Heyy my Fellow woozens!! Have you heard the news (or read) ??? WOOZWORLD NEXT TOP MODEL WILL BE BACK!! 
Read the article below from Woozarazzi:
"Last year, Woozens competed in photo challenges, and searched for hairstylists, makeup artists, and, of course, your dedicated reporter, in an effort to gain FanZ and earn the title of Woozworld’s Next Top Model! And it’s easy to see why the competition was so fierce: not only does the winner recieve free clothes, Wooz, and publicity, but the Top Model also serves as MyaWooz’s personal fashion assistant and muse! And now, a source close to Woozworld’s fashion queen has revealed that Mya is on the hunt for a new Top Model to inspire her
“Mya had so much fun with the Woozworld’s Next Top Model search last year, she wants to bring it back even bigger and better,” says our anonymous source. “We’re BESTIES, so she’s told me ALL the details while we were hanging out at Max’s cactus farm. But I really shouldn’t give any more deets, or Mya will really slayyyyyyyy!”
Need more proof?? Mya may not have confirmed WNTM’s return when we called for comment, but check out this photo she herself posted on Wednesday, with the enimgatic caption “Who says you can’t wear sneakers with a fancy dress? … This photo may contain a little hint of eventz to come…
Yes indeed, folks! That’s clearly the WNTM Runway Unitz! (No one can confirm seeing Mya there on Wednesday, but she is known to be a sneaky one when it comes to stylish pics!) That can only mean one thing:
Now, the real question is, who will rise to the top of this year’s modeling crop??
Yours with all the news that I can print,

Okay... Woozarazzi is sure that there will be a Next top model competition but there is no specific date provided and this event is not detailed yet...

but i hope that this eventz will become successful :)

~ Dianemiggiecel ~