27 November 2015

Fame Vs. Friends and Family - My Story

So you guys may wonder, why I am writing this? Well, I can answer that for you: I am writing this because I want all of you to make the right choice between fame and friends/family. This is my story.

Part 1: Fierce Panthers
My first choice for a dance crew was the Fierce Panthers, how did I make that choice? Well, most of us may know camp harmony. It had an auditorium and the Fierce Panthers performed there. They held auditions on the same day and I made it. Man was I so happy. A few weeks later I started shutting out my friends and kept on getting mad at my family... especially my sister LovingLife. So the captain "Brenda kicked me off the team and well... I was alone, SO alone that I almost quit Woozworld.

Part 2: Elite Starz
Mu second choice for a dance crew was the Elite Starz. I got kicked off that team as well but what I learned from both teams was that friendship and family mattered the most.

Bye guys, see you on my next post!