13 November 2015

How to Get a Boyfriend/Girlfriend - Dating Advice By Tori

       What's up? (Pfftt, the sky) So I'm here to help you single ladies/dudes get a lover ;) I might make this into a regular thing, idk like Dating Advice by Tori. I probably will try to make up a better name. XD. So, our first installment in the series is: How to Get a Boyfriend/Girlfriend. 

Step 1: Meet someone! Find a potential! Go to a singles/non, speed dating, tent party, kissing game, etc. Get social! Once you find a potential lover move on to the next step :)

Step 2: Start a conversation! Don't wait around! Go pursue them! Important: If you start out by saying: Wanna date?, then the relationship will less likely last. There's no importance, there's no memories that come with that. That being said, don't jump into any relationship that starts out with someone asking you if they want to date :/ Im not stopping you from accepting, just warning you. Advice, that's all :)

Step 3: Once you have hung out for a while, ask a friend to hang out with you. You can have your friend ask questions to your potential, such as: How old are you? Are you single? You can also have them say things such as: WOW YOUR SUCH A CUTE COUPLE! Or ARE YOU GUYS DATING?!. xD. Then, if they don't ask, ask yourself! ;D

Step 4: Start hanging out with your new bf/gf! Get to know them! Trust me, it's fun. If it doesn't work out, then try again :) 

-to be continued with: How to keep your relationship going-