11 November 2015

Prices So High?! Cay

This is just 1 piece to the whole couch. But 140 for a piece. That is expensive piece of a couch .-. I don't understand woozworld. Is this a scam or something to make us buy more wooz. I can use tht money on lunch c: You have to get like 4  or 6 pieces.  Woozworld making their moneyyyyyyy

First this is 360 wooz. What the heck?!! The hair is not really that cute. It is like wavey and curly and one part is just up. It is just doing too much. I think this should be 180 wooz
Okay this is dumb. These outfits are on fleek, but they did not have to make it cost 1250 wooz.  The hair I would give a 12/30 the hair isn't my cup of tea. The color white on hair, is not that cute. Dress 5/30, the fur coat is just a little too much. If it didn't have that I would love it. The total is- 17/30. This bundle should be 500 wooz to 800. I say that because it has 2 sorta rare outfits. But they aren't they aren't on the top of my list.

There is only 1 question. Woozworld why make your prices so high t-t?!
Stay beautiful c: