24 May 2013

3,000 Views Give-away/ xoxobubblegum's results

Hey everyone! It's kpkeila! First, I wanted to announce that xoxoxbubblegum is now a full time author at The Woozworld Voice! She scored 42 points out of 70 possible. That's more than half, and even the audience voted her in, so she is staying in.

Owner's Note: Please be advised xoxobubblegum that we have noticed that you have not been posting frequently. We know that your grounded, but please remember to post more frequently, or we will think twice.

So anyway, I was looking at the views today at I just now realized that we are now at 3,000! First, I wanna thank all of you guys SO much, second, I wanted to say that as a reward, the First 9 people to comment will be given a FREE Colorable Cloe In The Wild Hair. That's all you have to do! No rules, no obligation. Just comment saying your woozen name and anything else you want to say, and if you are one of the 9 you will be messaged on Woozworld to claim your prize! And, thats really all I have to say. Have a nice day I guess?  0.0