19 May 2013

New Fashion Post!

Hey Everyone! Kpkeila HERE! Today presenting you with some very new fashion edits! The First Collection Is Labeled "All Around California"

The First Set is "The Streets Of L.A."
It consists of:
-"Did You Hear that Bang? Hair
-"Half Cute, Half Danger!" Top
-"High Voltage" High Heeled Fringe Boots

This top is inspired by the many looks of L.A. (Beleive me, it's wild out here!) Which can go from crop tops and VERY high shorts when it's FREEZING, to wearing full length rain costs and boots when it's BURNING HOT.

Hopefully someone who works for the woozband will see it :P

Coming Up - " Posh In Paris" (P.S. Just to get things straight, I'm talking about Paris, CALIFORNIA. xD