22 May 2013

fashion v-log results/ woozworld voice fan! :O

HEY  LOVIE DOVIES! SO I'M HERE with the results to tell you guys! This week is a tied week, so I'm really impressed with you guys' decision. Some of you couldn't make up your mind (like me) but I have the one so I'm here to tell you..................................its a tie!!!!! :D So the results were a tie! Both were 50/50! But, don't go down there and vote now and say no its not =-= I refreshed millions of times and trust me i got 50/50, So they both win! :D here's this.........
 I just have to say you all have awesome sense of style!

             The Woozworld Voice Fan!

 Well this is the second one! I bumped into a fan on the owner's walls and I saw a woozen say
"i love your blog jessc53534 is my fav person on there" 
Here is the picture of her and her woozen name! :D
Her name is vonasa15426. She seems to be a really nice and kind girl. Please don't make fun of how she looks! It doesn't matter what you look like! She is a wonderful person! She used to be nasty and then she made a speech saying she was sorry and that one day she got hacked and got poor and people where writing weird things on her wallz so please forgive her! I have seen the rude comments on her wallz!  That's its for now i'll see you next time! Two in one for the first time! Alright I'm done bye! :D

~jessc53534 (your fashionable woozen)