18 May 2013


Hey guys! JennetteV here blogging like a blogger! I'm gonna give you a tip today. Maybe some of you already know it but maybe some of you don't. So here it goes. Do you ever get trade requests over and over again? You say no but they don't know what no means. Ya I get that a lot, so what I do is I block my trade. You know how you can block your trade? I'll tell you. So go to your Woozin then go to the place where it says LOGOUT and where it has a ? and a little tool sign. Click on the tool sign and it will take you to you account settings. Ok so go to general and at the second to last box you will see an option that says 'Ignore Trade Requests' check the box beside it and logout and login back in. That's it and if you want your trade reqquests back then do the same steps again! So check me out on Youtube and subscribe, also vote me for Blogger of the Month, even though i'm not a good a blogger as Jessc53534. She's in the lead at 67% and I have 33%.  
  Has this ever happened to you?