18 May 2013

Poor To Rich

Hey guys! It's me again, xoxobubblegum! wanna get from

This:                                                   To                 This:

So EVERY SINGLE WOOZEN on woozworld starts off looking like something in the first picture. Poor, ugly and a lot of other psycho words. Now i know that most of you wanna become something like in the second picture. Rich, hot, pretty, etc. Now to get like that you have to earn wooz and beex. LOTS OF IT TOO. What i did, using the clothes i bought, was play next top models and a bunch of other woozworld games where you win prizes. Now if you want you can trade your awesome clothes/prizes to get even better clothes like prom dresses, deadmau, etc. So i hope this helps! feel free to comment too!!!
<3 -xoxobubblegum
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