25 May 2013

free day!

Hey lovie dovies! During the year I will be doing free day!Free day is when I do a drawing! You guys need to message me on woozworld to earn free then I'm gonna randomly pic someone with an app that randomly picks someone so if you wanna be in here's the rules!


  • This is for free, so all you have to do is just message me if you wanna be in it!I will put your woozen name in the drawing! 
  • I will do two prizes. One is a big prize. I will do the small prize first!
  • Once I reach the limit of 5-7 people,I will announce the drawing winners
  • The prize is a mystery!
  • Message me on Woozworld saying "I wanna be in the contest and i'll put your name in the hat and if it picks you, you're in free!"


i do this  6 or more times a year may do this 20 times so if you haven't one anything then don't be scared I'm doing this 20 times a year so YOU  may be chosen so if you don't win its fine i might  do one tomorrow but its gonna cost alot of wooz for me so if  you guys can donate wooz to me i would be able to do free rebel,(or maybe if i have that much you might win deadmau5 ears) and more this time a year ill  do little prizes but once we do it i might give out 1,000 wooz or even 5,000( how pleasant!) if i were you i would be happy! so thank you and goodbye!

~jessc53534 ( your fashion diva)