19 May 2013

Woozworld Meme Contest!

Hey everyone! It's kpkeila here. This contest is for all the woozens who read rage comics, go on reddit, or browse through imgur. Your probably familiar with something like this:
Example of a meme
Well, that's what this contest is for! Your job is to submit a meme like this, to us. Award is based on originallity, uniqueness, and creativity. 

Prizes -
300 Wooz, Shout-out, And a Shopz item under 150 wooz.
150 Wooz, Shout-out, and a Shopz item under 100 wooz.
90 Wooz, Shout-out, and a Shopz Item under 50 wooz.

The deadline is June 1st, 2013.
ONE submission per woozen. No stealing ideas.No submitting after deadline. No out-of-game pictures. No profanity of any kind aloud. Breaking any of these rules will get you disqualified.

You: "Help! I've got my picture, and I'm ready to make my meme! Only, I don't know any programs to make it in..."

Us: It is suggested that you make it in pizap.com. They have a special section just for memes. But If you don't want that, You can just make it old fashioned in Paint.

You:"Help! How do I send my meme into you?"

Us: We are shortly posting an upload form for you to do that, but If you can't do it that way, You can always just email it to thewoozworldv@gmail.com .

You:"Help! I have no inspiration and I need help!"

Us: If you need inspiration, you can always visit the original site (reddit.com) but remember, NO COPYING at all.

You:"Help! A brother/friend/cousin/sister/neice/nephew/other stole my idea and I don't know if they entered it or not!"

Us: This is why we STRONGLY advise you to put your name on it first.

You"Help! When is the deadline?"

Us: As we stated, the deadline is June 1st, 2013.


Until next time!