09 May 2013

Fashion contest!

Hey guys! Sorry I havn't been posting for like hours! I just came back from school. Anyways, lets get on to our subject!

Okay, so as you can see from the title, I am making a fashion contest! Heres what you need to do:
Well first off all the theme is summer, since summer is coming up :/ So you need to take a pic of your best summer outfit and name it (Summer Contest of The Woozworld voice) and once you take a pic, you message me (jessc53534) and i'll go to your albumz and check. This ends by TOMORROW so i will put the finals.


First place - 100 wooz  and A shoutout
Second place - 50 wooz and shoutout
Third place 10 wooz and shoutout
(And the rest I will show )


  • You can not steal anyones ideas
  • If you win, dont brag
  • If you dont expect the place you are in, dont be whinny!
  • Have fun!
Okay, thats it. Gotta go choose and outfit for my next post, bye! :D

~ jessc53534