13 May 2013

I Missed You! Did You Miss Me?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Hey guys! JennetteV here, blogging like a blogger for you! (blogging like a blogger lolz XD) So you guys probably didn't even know I existed as a blogger on The Woozworld Voice. I don't consider myself as a very good blogger, and I don't have much ideas for the blog. I just finished a commercial for the blog! I played the mom and Kpkeila played the little girl! I hope this commercial turns our blog super popular! I have a new style
 (like Kpkeila) that involve peach, gray, and white! Black and white are so out of style! Here are some pictures if you would like to see how I looked before my new style and after!



Which one do you like? Maybe your opinion will change my mind!
If you like my style here are my codes: Peach : FF8C74 , Gray: BCBCBC, White: FCFCFC
Thanks for reading my post! Wooz on! XD