18 May 2013

Photo Shoot!

Hey Everyone! It's been a long time since The Woozworld Voice made a new logo, considering I'm the only one in it, All the bloggers should be in it! So, I've schedueled the new blog header to be up by May 20, 2013. All of the bloggers are required to come to it (Or atleast if you want to be in the header) At Saturday, May 19, 2013! But the fun doesn't stop there.

We want you, YES! YOU! And all the other viewers to send us some ideas on what out new header should look like! We want to know what all of our fans like, so we can post the header up.

And some last news, On May 21, 2013, the blogger of the month awards will be given out, so check out my post on that, And I will put a poll on the side in time for it. That's it for now! Bye guys!