29 May 2013


Hey guys! JennetteV here blogging like a blogger! Today we found out the top 5 boy and girl Crystalz collectors (which are nominated for either Prom Queen or Prom King, depending on gender)! You can go vote at the Central Plaza for your Prom Queen or Prom King! I already voted and I'm not gonna say who!
Also let me remind you that just because the top Crystalz collectors were nominated today doesn't mean you  can't keep collecting Crystalz! You can still earn your Glamz Prom Outfit! You have until Friday! 
 (Which is the day of prom!!!) Here are the voting forms! Outz! XD

 <<Girls                                  Boys >>    
 Clapping Hello Kitty animated emoticon                                   Clapping Hello Kitty animated emoticon