21 May 2013

Congratulations New BloggerS Of The Month

Hai Peeps! :D Its KPKEILA!!!! Blogging to you like a blogger (lol sorry JennetteV xD) Anyways, Today I will be revealing the new Bloggers of the month! (Yay!) Congrats to JennetteV and Jessc53534! :D Originally there was only supposed to be one blogger of the month, but they tied and I asked the audience if we should make both of them bloggers of the month or not, and they say yes :D So earlier today (At around 4:00 Pacific Time) we took the pictures in our meeting room, and then we had  a meeting in Voice Studios! Anyway, back to the topic. JennetteV and Jessc53534 were one of the earlier bloggers who came when there wasn't a "Become a Member Section". I had just opened the blog and I was messaging my friends to come join and I also put on the eventz for blogger tryouts, (JennetteV was the only one who came xD) These girls have done an outstanding job with both creativity and their ability to show me their capabillities to their fullest. So, (let me stop talking already xD) Here is the picture! :D Took about 14 minutes to make.. Anyways thats its for you guys :I Bye!