27 May 2013

Look What I Found Out!

Hey guys! JennetteV here blogging like a blogger. I haven't been posting much recently. I noticed the other bloggers haven't been posting rather often either. Well I realized that the Glamz-Prom T-Shirts are important!  
I wanted one because everyone had one and because they looked really cute, but they actually have a great use! Here's a picture of them if you have no idea of what i'm talking about. XD 

So here is why they are so cool and why there not just plain old shirts, they have magical powers! XD If you can't see what it says here is what it says. This year you can earn your Ultimate Glamz outfit by collecting Glamz Prom Crystalz around Woozworld! Here's how it breaks down: Collecting 100 Crystralz earns you the shoes, 1000 Crystalz gets the pants/skirt, 10,000 Crystralz collected gives you the outfit's hairstyle and at 50,000 Crystalz, you will recieve the final piece: dress or suit jacket! Collecting a Crystal in your usual fabulous clothes will earn you one point per Crystal. If you wear the  new Glamz Prom T-shirts, you'll earn 10 points for each Crystal you collect! Not only does collecting Crystalz help you build up a bling-tastic outfit for Glamz Prom, but it may earn you a nomination for Prom King or Queen! On Wednesday, May 29th, the top five boy and top five girl Crystal collectors will be announced as nominees. You woozens will then be able to vote for your favorite King and Queen!
Even though collecting to earn a Prom King or Queen nomination will end on Wednesday with the announcement of nominees, you can keep collecting Crystalz all of next week, right up until the Prom party itself, to build your Ultimate Glamz outfit. Good luck, Woozens. Now go get your glamz on! We'll see you at Glamz Prom on Friday, May 31st! Your Woozband 

Ok so that it was I found out! In my opinion that's ALOT of Crystalz to collect for one outfit. But I know you guys can do it if you set your mind to it! I'm gonna try really hard! I'm so sorry that I told you about this so late. I will give you an update on my next post about which woozens are in the lead. Outz!

                                       Blushing Hello Kitty animated emoticon