12 May 2013

TBH update x)

hey lovie dovies x) i just wanna  do a tbh witch for me it means to be honest so im gonna do one
okay to be  honest i HATE when people trade for like mutiply times and you refuse your all like
CANT YOU SEE I DONT WANNA TRADE?!?!?! well heres how to solve it

you can stop it by saying stop  if they still do it i suggest you report them without them knowing cuz ya i been there and it, is pretty much annoying =-=

if they still dont stop then i suggest you go another  unit  but if they message you and pc you then block them report them and that will solve the problem and not threaten them just telling the diffrence between threating and warning are this keep reading idk care if your board cuz this

can help alot okay so here its goes
threating: saying somthing ungracfully example:( YO KID GIVE ME YO LUNCH MONEY!)
warning: giving someone a notice example: (could you PLEASE stop tradding me or ill have to reprt you :)) for the people that mostly threats you might wanna copy and paste the warning :)

thats it for no bye!

~jessc53534 ( sorry no logo ill put it on next post Dx)