19 May 2013

new trendz!

hey lovie doves theres a new trend on woozworld that i founded as  i saw when i logged in the new outfits so i wanna do i closer look for you guys! :D here we go!
the glamz prom so anyways as you guys know prom is coming up (in woozworld) and they already  made the trendz! this is much more better than the creepy women in the ice 0.0 it gave me nightmares! anyway xD this is a glamz and its for $10.00 so if you wanna buy it it only lasts only this week!!!!!!! :()
and finally for the boys  BTW boys if your going to the prom don't ruin it because girls dreamed of going to prom and hint hint (I'm going) so ill see you there any who i recommend you keep this color or the bow tie is red and the suit is black and the pant is black and you wear another hair cuz its really not good like put a Mohawk as hair that's really better okay so that's it for now watch out for the next post okay bye!