15 May 2013

outfit review/ sorry!

hey my lovie dovies before you get mad at me me im sorry i  havn't been i was busy i was making a cummerical when i saw that  the other owner made one so i had to earse everything! whooo so that took time anyway just  so you guys know im gonna make a  movie with the bloggers of this blog and just know that we need bloggers anyways on to our fashion review

this outfit is called the adventure outfit beacause you can go on  adventures on it !


  • rockstar hair
  • polka dot shirt
  • adventure shorts
  • winter boots

what to wear it for

  • dates if you want
  • outside
  • for fun
  • events
  • tent party

where to get it

  • wooz shops
  • woozens
  • trade
  • ( im not gonna say beex shop cuz if the owners really that nice thats what i think -.0)
  • for free
  • event prizes
ty guys im gonna make other post in 5 minutes so keep it up and share our blog! :D