11 May 2013

Finals!!( Of Fashion Contest)

The results are in for my fashion contest! Thank you to everyone who participated! Okay, lets get on with the entries...

(First place) For first place we have...
-bluespie! With her beatiful outstanding picture she wins 100 wooz! So if you see her say Congratz! :D

(Second Place) Goes too.......... truebabe! Yes, truebabe with her outstanding outfit and her fab quote  saying "Nobody's Perfect!", she will earn her prize of 50 wooz! So if you see her say congratz! :D

(Last Place) Sadly,Last place goes to kareabeara.She did not follow one rule, yet she broke one. I woudn't say congratz, I would say nice try :/

You guys will get your prize today! I will message you when i'm ready.Alright bye!