09 May 2013

Fashion Review/Update

Hey my lovy dovies! xD I know you guys are like, "An update again!" xD! Yes, this is an update as you can see on this side ----> it shows a list updates, contests, and all that good stuff. Yeah, so if I put an update it would basically work......
 Anyways,I have another fashion review for you guys.I call it "the party look" since I usally see people wear it at tent partys and stuff.

This is, like a said a party outfit, that i put together. So here's the info that you might want! x3


  • yeti hair
  • bow tie
  • shorts
  • sport shoes

Where to Get Them
  • Wooz shops
  • On woozens
  • trade
  • Maybe you could get it for free!

What to Wear Them for

  • You could wear it for tent partiess
  • For a casual day
  • Birthday
  • All types of events

Alright, thats it for now!Oh! I'm going to be doing a mix and match; where I wear this outfit that's mixed and matched! Alright, thats it from me. See you on the next post, bye!