19 May 2013

New Blogger And Some Style :D

Hey Bloggers!!! Im New To This Blog And I Like It Alot!! My Woozen Names Fenelly So Feel Free To Add Me xD LOL Well, I Got Some Fashion Ideas :D Its Summer Right? (Well, It Should Be xD) So These Pretty Much Have Tank Tops And Mini Skirts And Stuff :P

 Sooo Heres The First One :P Heres The Details: Hair: Mermaid Haircut 
Top: Mermaid Top 
Shorts: Studded Shorts 
Shoes: Cute Sandals 
Like It? :P

Now Heres Another One :) Heres The Details: 
Hair: Pool Party Headband 
Top: Pool Party Top 
Shorts: Cute Japanese Skirt 
Shoes: Rock Boots 
Hope This Helped :D