22 May 2013

Virtual Realtionships = You Should Think Twice!

Hey guys! JennetteV here blogging like a blogger! I have a MAJOR issue! As you can probably tell by the title, boyfriends are complicated in my opinion. But, it's not just the guys its also the gals! Some girls go around saying '' I'm single! Boyfriend NEEDED!''  I mean I know it would be nice to have a guy and all but this game is VIRTUAL!!!!!! Like I said WOOZWORLD IS A VIRTUAL GAME!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you guys think about this situation?? Comment below.
Logo update: I think i'm going to do it right now. We will soon see!

For example this gal right here: photo edited for free at www.pizap.com

                   photo edited for free at www.pizap.com